Hot Flashes - An Anxiety Symptom

Published: 09th October 2009
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Hot flashes triggered by anxious feelings are recognized by extra bloodflow to the skin and rolling waves of warmth. Anxiety hot flashes have a variety of additional small side effects like sweating hands and palms. Anxiety hot flashes are analogous to the hot flashes experienced by menopausal women.

Typically the first sensations of a hot flush are noticed in your head and bosom. The heat may me initially felt in your upper shoulders or back of the neck, on occasion. From the starting point, the heat typically travels in a slow wave throughout rest of your body.

Shortness of breath and lightheadedness will often occur in the midst of the hot flashes. A sense of disorientation and dizzy feelings along with a feeling of passing out can occur. Usually this is just a sense of fainting, but it may lead to an actual faint. Your body becomes warm and perspiration starts to appear on your face, neck, chest or head; anywhere that the hot flush is occurring. Although the hot flash can be quite temporary and continue only for a few minutes, it is always an unpleasant and unwelcome experience.

Worrying about what others may think about your hot flash can lead to additional anxiety. This can create a 'negative feedback loop' in which the anxiety hot flashes cause you to be embarrassed, which generates more anxious feelings, which intensifies the hot flash. An additional, fantastic source for getting a hold on how the physical anxiety symptoms ensue.

Quick shallow breathing and a feeling that the air has been compressed out of your chest often accompanies a hot flash. Being in a hot area can exacerbate the situation.

While the following will not resolve the anxiety problem, there are several simple steps that everyone with anxiety can take to lessen the severity and recurrence of anxiety hot flashes:

* Avoid spicy meals

Heavily spiced and spicy meals stimulate responses similar to hot flushes. The simple act of eating spicy foods can be close enough to the hot flush sequence that your body is stimulated into producing an actual anxiety hot flush. The recognizable hot flash feeling can also make you anxious, of course leading to a genuine hot flash from anxiety.

* Do not imbibe stiff drinks

The alcohol-avoidance tip is really about reducing your total level of anxiety, not about hot flashes specifically. Although it can feel like indulging in alcohol reduces anxious feelings in the moment, it is actually just dulling your awareness temporarily and ultimately creating more anxiety. Increased levels of anxiety will of course lead to further experiences of hot flashes.

* Take a cool shower

Activation of your adrenal glands occurs with anxiety hot flashes. Lowering the body's temperature will constrict the circulatory system closest to your skin, moving blood into a more full circulation down through the remainder of the body.

The total eradication of the cycle of anxiety is the true solution to solving the anxiety hot flashes problem that hampers your life. There is a chance for you to learn a bit more about self-applied methods for removing anxiety from your days completely by investigating this review -

True, it is a complex and complicated sequence, the anxiety hot flashes are really just a symptom of the larger anxiety problem.

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